Elise Giuliano: How Changing Ukrainian Society Impacts the Chances for Peace

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Elise Giuliano, Lecturer in Discipline, Political Science, participated in a PONARS Eurasia commentary series with Samuel Charap, International Institute for Strategic Studies, and Mikhail Alexseev, Sandiego State University. Read the discussion here.


Last month a major battle broke out between Russian-backed insurgents and Ukrainian forces in the town of Avdiivka in Ukraine. Alongside the return of such violence in the Donbas, Ukrainian society has changed greatly since 2014 in ways that impact the chances for conflict resolution. In this two-part commentary series, PONARS Eurasia members argue for the importance of properly understanding regional divergences in identity, public political attitudes and preferences, the sources of the escalation of violence in the Donbas, how the Yanukovych system persists under Poroshenko, and the impact of the Trump administration.