Central Asian Studies

Consistent with its approach to the study of Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, and the states of the Caucasus, in its Central Asian Studies Program, the Harriman Institute's emphasis is broad-gauged, stressing not only language and literature, but all of the creative arts; history, ancient as well as modern; key economic trends, national, regional, and global; and political modernization, both within and between societies. Our objective in the Central Asian Studies Program is two-fold: first, to bring scholars' insights and analysis to key characteristics and trends in the cultural, economic, political, and historical development of Central Asia. Second, and equally appropriate for an academic center, Harriman will build on our already considerable efforts to expose an American audience to the customs, traditions, and creative works from the area, including film, literature, and contemporary art.

Photo: President of Kyrgyzstan Roza Otunbayeva, flanked by graduate students Grace Zhou and Holly Myers. Nov. 21, 2011.