Visiting Scholars

In recognition of their contributions to Russian, Soviet, and post-Soviet studies, the Harriman Institute is host to Visiting Scholars who are faculty members from other universities, independent researchers (at the Ph.D. level or its equivalent), and other professionals working in the field. Visiting Scholar is a courtesy title which does not signify a formal association with the University. Individuals named to this title may not claim a University affiliation for the purpose of applying for grants and contracts and should not represent themselves in their publications and correspondence as having a University affiliation. Visiting Scholar status carries no stipend or fellowship.

The title of Visiting Scholar is generally reserved for persons in one of five categories: (1) Members of academic institutions (including graduate students). If the person is from the New York metropolitan area, he or she must be on leave from their home institution; (2) officials and former officials of government or non-government organizations, such as the United Nations, and their affiliates; (3) members of research laboratories or institutions; (4) practicing professionals and creative artists; (5) such other persons who will contribute to the intellectual activity of the University, as approved by the Office of the Associate Provost on the request of the school or department. Individuals may be named Visiting Scholars for up to one year. Renewals for a second year are granted only in exceptional cases.

Upon selection by the Institute Affiliations Committee and approval by the Provost, Visiting Scholars are entitled to certain limited rights and privileges. Scholars are issued a card entitling them to free reading privileges in Columbia's libraries, electronic library resources (including searchable databases of press sources from the region), and the Bakhmeteff Archive. The University charges a monthly fee of $30.00 for borrowing privileges. Visiting Scholars are issued a Columbia e-mail account at no charge. Scholars may also use other facilities at the University such as the Computer Center, the Audio/Visual Aids Center, and the gymnasium—all subject to the individual regulations of the department or center involved.

Visiting Scholars have access to the Harriman Institute Resource Center and are welcome to participate fully in the intellectual life of the Institute. Visiting Scholars are not entitled to office space, photocopying, postage or telephone privileges; the Institute will attempt to provide some working space if requested and available. Occasionally, in special circumstances, photocopying, mailing and telephone privileges can be extended to Visiting Scholars at their expense. The Institute cannot provide any secretarial or clerical help to Visiting Scholars. Visiting Scholars are ineligible for the University's medical insurance or pension plans or for University housing.

Candidates for the Visiting Scholars Program should submit their request in writing to the Harriman Institute Affiliations Committee and include the following information:
  • A description of their research project;
  • A curriculum vitae;
  • The proposed period, specifying the beginning and end dates.
Requests should be submitted to Tatiana Beloborodova.
Other Fellowship Opportunities

We strongly encourage applicants from East Central Europe and the former Soviet bloc to investigate alternative funding possibilities to conduct research at Columbia. The International Research and Exchange Board (IREX) has offices throughout Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union. Fulbright application materials are available at U.S. embassies and consulates.