Student Spotlight

Student Spotlight: Anastasia Tkach (MARS-REERS '16)

When Anastasia Tkach (MARS-REERS ’16) first arrived in Ukraine in July 2015, she intended to research apathy and disillusionment in the wake of Euromaidan. But while interviewing members of various activist organizations in Kyiv, she realized that few were either apathetic or disillusioned. “Activism was still happening,” says Tkach. “There were demonstrations on the streets and a lot of reforms passing.” Read more.

Student Spotlight: Andrew Lohsen (SIPA ’15)

Andrew Lohsen (SIPA ’15) became interested in corruption while living in St. Petersburg on a Flagship Language Fellowship (2007-8), where he frequently encountered low-level officials seeking bribes. While working on security and nuclear nonproliferation issues at the U.S. Department of State’s Office of Weapons of Mass Destruction Terrorism (2010-13), he became convinced that systemic corruption was a critical problem for Eurasian states. The desire to take more direct action against corruption prompted him to enroll in Columbia’s School of International and Public Affairs (SIPA) in 2013. Read more.

Student Spotlight: Lauren Bisio (MARS-REERS '15)

Lauren Bisio (MARS-REERS ’15) admits that returning to an academic setting after eight years as a modern dancer was not easy. “Dancing and going to rehearsals and working a lot of different part-time jobs to pay the rent, I was used to constantly multi-tasking,” she says. “Going from that to spending eight hours reading one book in the library was definitely monotonous. Read more.


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