GSP 2014 Program Details

Spring 2014 Global Seminar: Accepted students will be required to take HSSL W4860 (call number 92999) "Socialist and Post-Socialist Cities of Eurasia," a 4-credit Global Seminar in Spring 2014 (Tuesdays 2:10pm-4:00pm) prior to departure.
Note: Exceptions to this requirement may be granted on a case-by-case basis for students who are unable to participate due to demonstrated curriculum conflicts.  Please email Lydia Hamilton at for more details.
Tentative course syllabi may be viewed online:
The program will include a mandatory pre-departure orientation session covering course content and expectations.  Students are also required to complete one online training course to familiarize themselves with research methods and ethics.
Students will meet in the mornings and some evenings for excursions and guest speaker presentations and most afternoons for either lecture-based sessions with professors or small group discussions.  In order to receive full credit for the course, students are required to participate in all program activities, including readings, discussions, guest lectures, field visits and workshops. 
Travel Schedule:

June 14th: Arrive in Berlin

June 14th –June 19th: Berlin, Germany

          Tour Berlin (East Berlin, Berlin Wall)

          Lectures on city planning, socialist cities of Eastern Europe

June 19th – June 25th: Moscow, Russia

          Tour Moscow (Kremlin, Metro, Predelkino, Soviet monuments)

          Lectures on city architecture, Soviet and post-Soviet press

          Visits to communal apartments, new skyscrapers

June 25th – June 30th: Transsiberian Railroad

          Moscow to Ulan Bator

June 30th – July 2nd: Ulan Bator, Mongolia

          Tour Ulan Bator, Terelj National Park

          Lectures on modern Mongolia, post-socialist legacy

July 3rd – July 13th: Beijing, China

          Tour Beijing (Tiananmen Square, Olympic Park, Great Wall, film studios)

          Lectures on city history, urban planning, Chinese media

Throughout the summer course, students will prepare a 5,000-word research paper due the last week of the workshop.  At that time, students will give a 15-20 minute presentation on their final comparative project.
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