Undergraduate Student Support

The Harriman Institute at Columbia University
Undergraduate Fellowship Program

The Harriman Institute at Columbia University is continuing its undergraduate fellowship program, which is open to Barnard College, Columbia College, and General Studies students. This program is designed to provide research support on a competitive basis to juniors and seniors who have a serious interest in the post-Soviet and/or East-Central European regions. It is expected that students will use the fellowship to assist them in researching and writing their senior theses, or to complete an equivalent major research project.

Successful candidates may receive up to $2500 to offset their field research expenses in the region, with the expectation that the research will be conducted over the 2019/2020 winter break.  Fellows will have the opportunity to attend all Harriman Institute events for the academic year, and will be required to present the results of their own research at a public seminar hosted by the Harriman Institute in April of 2020.  Those seeking to apply for support for research to be conducted over summer 2020 should be advised that the fellowship competition will be held during the Spring 2020 semester.

Applications are due February 15th, 2020. 

Summer Language Study

The Institute's Summer Language Fellowships are awarded to Columbia undergraduate and graduate students for intensive study of the languages of Russia, Eurasia, and East Central Europe in either the region or the U.S. Open to all Columbia University students.  Students may be awarded up to $5,000.   Click here for more information and application.  Please do not forget to include a detailed budget.

Deadline March 27, 2020.

For further inquires, please contact Rebecca Dalton at 212-854-6239.

Padma Desai Summer Fellowship

The Padma Desai Summer Fellowship supports travel and living expenses for summer research, travel, language training, or internship opportunities for undergraduates and/or graduate students whose interests include Russian and/or Soviet Studies.  Students from the fields of Economics, Political Science, and History may apply. While preference is given to students who plan to use thier fellowships in Russia, other locations that enrich a students understanding of Russian and Soviet Studies will also be considered.  Click here for more information. Applications are due April 1, 2020.

For further inquires, please contact Rebecca Dalton at 212-854-6239.

The Athena Harriman Fellowship

The Athena Harriman Fellowship is available for Barnard scholars in their junior year. The Athena Center for Leadership Studies, in collaboration with the Harriman Institute at Columbia University, established a summer fellowship program that will enable Athena Scholars interested in the Russian, Eastern European, and Eurasian region to learn from local women leaders in private, non-profit, and/or governmental agencies.  This particular partnership offered students a more nuanced internship experience focused on women’s leadership. Fellowships are awarded for a maximum of $4,000; it is expected that Fellows living in the region for the entire summer will receive that maximum amount.

For more information on internships, please contact Sarit Abramowicz at [email protected]