Undergraduate Studies

The Harriman Institute does not offer a course of study for Columbia University undergraduates, however we work with departments across campus to offer courses and events relevant to the region. The Institute is happy to advise students regarding study abroad opportunities, planning for graduate studies, and fellowship opportunities. Undergraduates interested in studying the region are encouraged to contact Rebecca Dalton at [email protected].


Harriman Undergraduate Initiative:

The Harriman Institute has launched an Undergraduate Initiative, providing an environment for students to focus on the region through an interdisciplinary approach. Students majoring in Slavic Languages, Political Science, History, and other disciplines work together to enhance their studies of the region through extracurricular activities. The program organizes an undergraduate-organized newsletter, lunches with professors, as well as student events, such as conversation and movie nights. Those interested in becoming involved in these activities should contact 212-854-6239.