A Reading by Lev Rubinstein

Wednesday, February 5, 2020
James Room, 418 Barnard Hall, Barnard College (3009 Broadway)

Please join us for a reading by Lev Rubinstein, postmodernist Russian poet, prose-writer, and performer. The event will be preceded by a reception at 6:00pm and followed by a Q&A session after the reading. This event is part of the Super-NOS Russian Literary Festival, sponsored by the Harriman Institute, Barnard Slavic Department, Columbia Slavic Department, and the Mikhail Prokhorov Charitable Foundation.

This a Russian-language event with no English translation.

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6:00pm: Pre-reception
7:00pm: Reading by Lev Rubinstein, followed by audience Q&A

Lev Rubinstein is a prominent postmodernist poet, prose-writer, and performer. He began writing poetry in the 1960s, and in the 1970s and 80s belonged to several nonconformist groups, becoming one of intellectual leaders of the Moscow Conceptualist circle. Since the mid-70s, Rubinstein has experimented with the Card File, a performative genre of his own creation that fuses poetry with visual and theatrical art techniques. Though his works did not appear in Russian publications until Perestroika, his poetry is now included in university and college curricula. Since the 1990s, Rubinstein has published prose and columns in various liberal publications. In 1999, Rubinstein received the Andrei Bely Prize for his contribution to Russian literature. His book of collected prose Signs of Attention won the NOS Prize in 2012. He is a political activist known for his biting critique of the Russian government and participation in various protest events. He lives in Moscow.

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