Как учили(сь) писать стихи по-русски в Нью-Йорке

Friday, March 23, 2018
Marshall D. Shulman Seminar Room (1219 International Affairs Building, 420 W 118th St)

Please join us for a lecture with Professor Anna Arustamova (Perm State University, Russia) entitled "Как учили(сь) писать стихи по-русски в Нью-Йорке" ("How Writing (and Reading) Russian Poetry was Taught In New York").

This lecture will be in Russian.

How does one learn to write verse? How does one teach the writing of verse? Why, and in what form, were these questions posed in Russian émigré literature in the 1920s? This presentation will explore the phenomenon of so-called samorodki (“nuggets of gold”), or “beginners,” and how they developed practices for writing and reading “unprofessional” poetry as a part of Russian émigré literature in the U.S. Arustamova raises questions about how new voices entered into the émigré literary process as well as how those new voices were formed into something resembling professional writers through interactions between writers and editors. Arustamova's research unearths an unjustly forgotten project dedicated to nurturing a new generation of poets under the aegis of émigré publications such as Russian Voice and Lightning, presenting a new dimension of émigré life in the U.S.

Anna Arustamova is a Doctor of Philology and professor of Russian Language and Literature at Perm State University in Perm, Russia. Her research focuses on Russian and American literary depictions of the other. Her book, Русско-американский диалог XIX-го века: историка-литературный аспект (Russian-American Dialogue in the Nineteenth Century: The Historical and Literary Aspect), was published in 2008.