April Ukrainian Film Club Event

Thursday, April 20, 2006
717 Hamilton Hall, Columbia University

The Ukrainian Film Club of Columbia University will conclude its 2005-2006 season by screening a fascinating selection of films that, yet again, speak to the versatility and creative spirit of contemporary Ukrainian cinema, nourished by Ukrainian, Russian, Jewish, Crimean Tatar, and other cultures that call Ukraine home. The April 2006 event, titled: “WHEN DIFFERENCES ENRICH AND ENERGIZE,” includes three films representing different languages, cultures, religions, and areas of contemporary Ukraine:

American premier of “The Drizzle” (2004, a short feature film by Heorhiy Deliev). A beautifully photographed and dramatically told story two women -- one Ukrainian, another Jewish -- a little girl and two German POWs. The women lose their families in World War Two yet manage to retain their humanity and find what it takes to break a vicious circle of hatred and forgive their German enemies.

American premier of “Wish Best Wishes, Enver” (2006, a short documentary by Viktoria Melnykova). This is the newest in a series of Ukrainian films which celebrate the virtually known and tantalizingly attractive Crimean Tatar culture. It's a portrait of the Ukrainian-Tatar jazz musician Enver Izmaylov, who, after years of displacement and exile, returns to his ancestral land, the Crimea. There, Enver find a new inspiration to create his amazing music.

“Sound of the Wind” (2002, a full-length feature film by Serhiy Masloboyshchykov). This poignant search for the meaning of love, human attachment, loss, and death by one of the best and intellectually subtle Ukrainian filmmakers never fails to challenge the mind.

Introduction and post screening discussion led by Yuri Shevchuk, director of the Ukrainian Film Club. All films are in their original Ukrainian or Russian version with English subtitles. Please visit the film club's website at www.columbia.edu/cu/ufc.