Columbia University in the City of New York

Harriman Institute

An art work of a subway station.



Art Exhibit: Global Underground

Valera & Natasha Cherkashin are artists who work together as a team since 1988. They’ve done a number of international projects in US, Europe and Russia.

Their new project Global Underground reveals the complexities and universality in cultural diversity found inside mass-transportation systems around the world. In the era of globalization of the 21st century, with the unprecedented freedom of movement by individuals internationally, Global Underground expresses visual features of each underground system. The project joins and reflects shared cultural distinctions from around the world.

In every country, the subway reflects extraordinary history as well as technological advances with cultural qualities that represent their individual period of construction. In addition, the specific character and ornamentation of subway stations, their urban background and development, and the inhabitants of each city, further characterize individual sites. Global Underground includes a number of artistic dimensions including video and digital forms of art.

At this show there will be presented artworks about Moscow and New York Subway.

In the future the virtual subway will move around the world with select stations from Moscow to New York, London, Paris, Berlin, Stockholm, Beijing, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Mexico and other major systems. Each site maintains its historical presence and quality along with universal traits that correlate all systems in an emerging global society.