Base Politics: The United States and Uzbekistan in Comparative Perspective

Thursday, November 10, 2005
Room 1510 IAB

Faculty Research in Progress Series presents: Alexander Cooley (Political Science Dept., Barnard College) “Base Politics: The United States and Uzbekistan in Comparative Perspective.”

Alexander Cooley "Base Politics" Foreign Affairs (Nov/Dec 2005)

As the Pentagon prepares to redeploy U.S. forces around the world, it should review its practice of setting up bases in nondemocratic states. Although defense officials claim that having U.S. footholds in repressive countries offers important strategic advantages, the practice rarely helps promote democratization in host states and sometimes even endangers U.S. security. The recent experience of United States in Uzbekistan was the latest example of how maintaining an overseas base diminishes the US ability to promote political liberalization in the host country. Strategically, the US military's expulsion from Uzbekistan also once again underscored that authoritarian regimes make unreliable security partners.