Book Talk. Laboratory of Socialist Development: Cold War Politics and Decolonization in Soviet Tajikistan by Artemy M. Kalinovsky

Wednesday, December 5, 2018
1201 International Affairs Building (420 W 118th St, 12th floor)

Please join us for a talk with Artemy Kalinovsky (University of Amsterdam) about his recent book Laboratory of Socialist Development: Cold War Politics and Decolonization in Soviet Tajikistan (Cornell University Press, 2018). RSVP required to Elidor Mehilli at

Kalinovsky’s book investigates the Soviet effort to make promises of decolonization a reality by looking at the politics and practices of economic development in central Asia between World War II and the collapse of the Soviet Union. Focusing on the Tajik Soviet Socialist Republic, Kalinovsky places the Soviet development of central Asia in a global context. Laboratory of Socialist Development offers a new way to think about the post-war Soviet Union, the relationship between Moscow and its internal periphery, and the interaction between Cold War politics and domestic development. 

Artemy M. Kalinovsky is Senior Lecturer of East European Studies at the University of Amsterdam. He is also the author of A Long Goodbye: The Soviet Withdrawal from Afghanistan (Harvard University Press, 2011), and co-editor with Sergey Radchenko, of The End of the Cold War and the Third World(Routledge: 2011), as well as the Routledge Handbook of Cold War Studies with Craig Daigle (2014). More recently, he co-edited, with Michael Kemper,Reassessing Orientalism: Interlocking Orientologies in the Cold War Era (2015) and Reconsidering Stagnation: Ideology and Exchange in the Brezhnev Era (Lexington, 2016), with Dina Fainberg. His work has appeared in the Journal of Cold War Studies Cold War History, and a number of edited collections. His writing has also been published in Foreign PolicyNational JournalForeign Affairs, and the Washington Post.

For further information regarding this event and to RSVP, please contact Elidor Mehilli, at