Carpathologia Cosmophilica: Ukrainian Author Yuri Andrukhovych Discusses the Newest Translations of His Books

Thursday, March 10, 2016
6:00 pm
Room 1512 International Affairs Building (420 West 118th St.)
Please join the Ukrainian Studies Program at the Harriman Institute for a discussion with Ukrainian author Yuri Andrukhovych.
Yuri Andrukhovych was born in 1960 in Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine. In 1985, together with Viktor Neborak and Oleksandr Irvanets, he founded the popular literary performance group "Bu-Ba-Bu" (Burlesque-Bluster-Buffoonery). He has published four books of poetry — Sky and Squares (1985), Downtown (1989), Exotic Birds and Plants (1991, new editions 1997 and 2002) and The Songs for a Dead Rooster (2004). Andrukhovych's prose works, the novels Recreations (1992), Moscoviada (1993), Perverzion (1996), 12 Rings (2003), Mystery (2007), and Lexicon of Intimate Cities (2011) have had a great impact on readers in Ukraine. Andrukhovych’s newest book is titled Fantomas Has Been Burried Here (2015). Andrukhovych also writes literary essays (collected in Disorientation in Locality, 1999 and The Devil Is in the Cheese, 2006). Together with Polish writer Andrzej Stasiuk he published My Europe (2000 and 2001). 
Yuri Andrukhovych’s books are translated and published in Poland, Germany, Canada, USA, Hungary, Finland, Russia, Serbia, Italy, Slovakia, Spain, Switzerland, France, Czech Republic, Croatia, Romania, Bulgaria, Lithuania.
He is a laureate of five prestigious international literary awards: Herder Preis (Alfred Toepfer Stiftung, Hamburg, 2001), Erich-Maria Remarque Friedenspreis (Osnabrück, 2005), Leipziger Buchpreis zur Europäischen Verständigung (2006), Central-European Literary Award „Angelus“ (Wroclaw, 2006), Hannah-Arendt-Preis für politisches Denken (Bremen, 2014).
This event is free and open to the public.
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