Cheres UFO (Ukrainian Folk Orchestra) Performance

Monday, October 2, 2006
7:30 pm
Room 1501 International Affairs Building

Columbia University's Ukrainian Studies Program, in coordination with the Center for Ethnomusicology, will host a free musical performance by the premier Ukrainian acoustic folk ensemble in the United States:

"CHERES UFO (Ukrainian Folk Orchestra)"

The virtuosos of Cheres weave fiery instrumentals and spirited songs from Ukraine, Romania, Moldova, Hungary and beyond. During performances -- such as before thousands of audience members at Lincoln Center's "Out of Doors" Festival and NYC's "River to River" Festival this summer -- Cheres' arsenal of instruments has included clarinet, wooden flutes, violin, double bass, tsymbaly, accordion, and percussions. For spellbinding mountain music that tugs at the heart and lifts the feet, experience Cheres' concert at Columbia University.

Introduction by MARIA SONEVYTSKY, PhD candidate at the Center for Ethnomusicology, who will speak briefly about: "Seeking an Unmitigated Authenticity: Tradition, Innovation, and Experience in Carpathian Mountain Music."

For more information about Cheres, please see:
Andriy Milavsky, Music Director
Cheres UFO, Ukrainian Folk Orchestra
E-mail: [email protected]