Combatting Corruption in Today’s Russia: Is Progress Possible?

Wednesday, April 18, 2018
Marshall D. Shulman Seminar Room (1219 International Affairs Building, 420 W 118th St)

Please join us for a talk with Anton Pominov, General Director of Transparency International Russia and Zoë Reiter, Acting Representative to US and Senior Project Leader, Transparency International.

This discussion will explore how Transparency International (TI) is working to fight corruption in Russia; specifically, what strategic choices civil society has had to make in Russia to have the greatest chance of seeing real anti-corruption reform. Reiter and Pominov will also discuss the Russia chapter’s work within emerging work by TI to tackle international corruption networks.

Listen to the talk:



Anton Pominov joined Transparency International’s national chapter in Russia in 2008. Before taking on the role of executive director for the organization in 2014, he served as research director and launched and led a number of online projects at the chapter. He has been an Expert of the Council of Europe since 2014 and lectures on a variety of topics in his capacity as co-founder (in 2009) of the Laboratory for Anti-Corruption Policy of the National Research University’s Higher School of Economics in Moscow. Prior to his work with TI, he worked with online media, web development teams, market research, and banking. He has volunteered for a number of environmental and human rights organizations, contributing to the launch of several civic campaigns and initiatives.

Zoë Reiter has worked at Transparency International since 2008. She currently serves as Transparency International’s interim representative to the US and senior project leader. Her work in the US involves working with diverse stakeholders to help re-establish TI’s formal presence in the US. The purpose of that presence is to better contribute to domestic and international anti-corruption efforts where the US plays a key role. She also works with TI partners and Chapters across the globe to ensure strong public accountability in the delivery of critical basic services, criminal justice institutions and large-scale public contracts. Zoë is from the Lower East Side of New York and is educated in cultural anthropology, urban planning, and literature.