Countering Kleptocracy in Ukraine: The Battle at Home and in the West

Monday, March 11, 2019
Marshall D. Shulman Seminar Room, 1219 International Affairs Building (420 W 118th St)

Please join the Ukrainian Studies Program at the Harriman Institute for a seminar on the state of anti-kleptocracy work in Ukraine, featuring one of the country’s leading anti-corruption advocates and practitioners: Daria Kaleniuk, co-founder of the Anti-corruption Action Centre in Ukraine.

How much progress has been made in tackling corruption in Ukraine since the Maidan Revolution of 2014? How have Western actors, institutions and professional service providers enabled Ukraine’s transnational corruption networks? And what changes in Western policy are required to further support Ukraine, especially as the country heads towards presidential elections?

Daria Kaleniuk, co-founder of the Anti-corruption Action Centre, Ukraine, expert on stolen assets recovery and anti-money laundering, fought to freeze Western assets of Yanukovych and his associates during the Maidan protests. Kaleniuk, a Fulbright Scholar, has a MA in Financial Services Law from the Chicago-Kent College of Law.