Eve Before Christmas or Nights in the Village of Dykanka

Thursday, December 8, 2005
Room 614, Schermerhorn Hall, Columbia University

Celebrate the holiday season with the Ukrainian Film Club of Columbia University, which will show the Soviet classic “Eve Before Christmas or Nights in the Village of Dykanka” (director Aleksandr Rou, 1961), a full-length feature film based on the writings of Gogol. The film takes place in the 18th century near the Ukrainian village of Dykanka, where a blacksmith, Vakula, falls in love with a beautiful woman, Oksana, who will only marry him if he fulfills the impossible task of bringing her the tsarina’s shoes. Vakula’s adventures begin on Christmas Eve, turning his habitual rural life magical. The film will be shown in its original Russian/Ukrainian version with English subtitles. It will be introduced by Dr. Yuri Shevchuk, director of the Ukrainian Film Club, and followed by a discussion. Ukrainian food and drinks to be served. (To see the Ukrainian Film Club website, please see Ukrainian Film Club at Columbia University.)