Film Screening of "Chasing Two Hares"

Thursday, November 30, 2006
7:30 pm
Room 717 Hamilton Hall

The November event of the Ukrainian Film Club will feature

Chasing Two Hares (1961), directed by Viktor Ivanov

This is perhaps the most popular film in the entire history of Ukrainian cinema. Its central theme is the dilemma every Ukrainian has faced throughout the 20th century and even today, in a society dominated by the Russian chauvinist mindset: to try and become part of the prestigious imperial culture or stay Ukrainian and be socially marginalized, despised, and oppressed. The story’s two protagonists enthusiastically opt for the former option and, in the process, discover the ruinous price of the social success they covet so much. The film features a truly brilliant line-up of actors: Marharyta Krynytsyna, Oleg Borisov, Mykola Yakovchenko, Nonna Koperzhynska, and Natalia Naum. It is a hilarious and skillfully narrated comedy of errors, unmistakably Ukrainian in its sense of humor, a divine marriage of the ridiculous with the pathetic. 

Original Russian language version with English subtitles.

The film will be introduced by Yuri Shevchuk, the director of the Ukrainian Film Club at Columbia University. Discussion will follow the screening.

The screening is free and open to everybody.