Film Screening & Discussion. Hunger for Truth: The Rhea Clyman Story

Wednesday, April 17, 2019
Deutsches Haus (420 West 116th St at Amsterdam Ave)

Please join the Ukrainian Film Club at Columbia University for a screening of the film Hunger for Truth (2017), directed by Andrew Tkach. Professor Yuri Shevchuk will introduce the film and mediate the discussion.

Hunger for Truth tells the story of Rhea Clyman, a brave Canadian reporter who uncovered a “crime of the century”— Stalin’s genocidal famine in Ukraine of 1932-33, also known as the Holodomor. The film interweaves Clyman’s unescorted reporting trip in 1932 during the Holodomor with the current Russian aggression against Ukraine, illuminating the power of the truth in the face of disinformation.

Director Andrew Tkach has produced long-form television programs for more than twenty five years, most recently directing two documentaries on Ukraine’s tumultuous history. His work spans the globe and includes films about traditional hunters in Greenland, child gold miners in Mali, Fukushima’s exclusion zone, China’s control of the internet, Czech Neo Nazi’s attacks on the Roma, Irish clerical sex abuse, Philippine attacks on the press, Tibetan & Burmese resistance, Islam in Iran, the UK and Afghanistan, AIDS in Africa, gangs in the Americas, modern day slavery, Burmese drug lords, cocaine cowboys, and much more. Prior to forming his own company, Messy Moment Media, Tkach was the principal long form producer of Christiane Amanpour for both CNN and CBS 60 Minutes, winning multiple Emmy’s, Duponts and Peabodys for his work. He is currently producing a weekly environmental documentary series in Kenya made by African filmmakers called Giving Nature a Voice.