GOSPELS & SPIRITUALS: An evening with writer Serhiy Zhadan

Thursday, December 2, 2010
Harriman Atrium 12th Floor, International Affairs Building 420 West 118th St

Serhiy Zhadan is the most popular poet of the post-independence generation in Ukraine. His work speaks to the disillusionment, difficulties and ironies that the collapse of the Soviet Union has brought. His readings fill large auditoriums and he publishes regularly. Originally, the enfant terrible of Ukrainian letters, now in his thirties he is considered the most important poet of the decade and even one of the leading voices of the last century.

He is the author of the collections of poetry: Rose Degenerate (1993) Quotations (1995) General Judas (1995), Pepsi (1998), the very, very best poems, psychedelic stories of fighting and other bullshit (selected works 1992-2000, 2000), Ballads about War and Reconstruction (2001), History of Culture at the Turn of This Century (2003), UkSSR (2004), Maradona (2007), Lili Marlene (2009) and Ethiopia (2009). His is the author of the prose publications: Big Mac (2003), Depeche Mode (2004), Anarchy in the UKR (2005), The Hymn of the Democratic Youth (2006) and Voroshylovhrad (2010). A volume of his collected works, Kapital, was published in 2006. Serhiy Zhadan has also written several theatre pieces, which have been staged in Kharkiv and New York. He has compiled and edited several anthologies of poetry and prose. His work has been translated into German, English, Polish, Hungarian, Slovak, Slovenian, Serbian, Croatian, Lithuanian, Belarusian, Russian and Armenian.
This English-language event is free and open to the public.
The Contemporary Ukrainian Literature Series is cosponsored by the Ukrainian Studies Program at the Harriman Institute, Columbia University and by the Kennan Institute. For more information call Dr. Mark Andryczyk at 212-854-4697, or write to ukrainianstudies@columbia.edu