Justice Unseen

Tuesday, March 21, 2006
Schermerhorn Hall, Room 501

The Undergraduate Human Rights Program, the Center for the Study of Human Rights, and the Harriman Institute at Columbia University join the International Center for Transitional Justice (ICTJ) in inviting you to a screening of the film:

Justice Unseen

Directed by Aldin Arnautovic & Refik Hodzic (2004)

More than a decade after the United Nations established the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY), two filmmakers from Sarajevo set out to examine the tribunal’s progress in bringing war criminals to justice and reconciling a dark record of human rights abuses in the former Yugoslavia. Justice Unseen transports the viewer to the tribunal proceedings at The Hague, as well as to two Bosnian communities--Prijedor and Konjic--to examine the public's response to the ICTY and its performance to date.

Film screening will be followed by a Q&A with Director Refik Hodzic.

About Refik Hodzic

Refik Hodzic was born in Prijedor, Bosnia and Herzegovina. He worked as a reporter for Bosnian national TV and radio, before becoming an editor-in-chief of a local radio station and news magazine. In 1998, he joined the United Nations and worked as a spokesperson in missions in Bosnia and East Timor before joining the ICTY where he served as Outreach Coordinator for Bosnia and Herzegovina. In January 2005 he joined the War Crimes Chamber of the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina as the head of Public Information and Outreach. Mr. Hodzic is one of the founders of XY Films, an independent film production company in Sarajevo specializing in documentary films on war crimes committed during the conflict in the former Yugoslavia. A co-writer and co-director of Justice Unseen, he is currently filming a documentary on the search for a boy who disappeared after the fall of Srebrenica.

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