Kymyz: Fermented Horse Milk

Monday, February 20, 2006
Sixth-floor lounge, IAB

The Central Asia Group (CAG), the Eurasia Initiative (EI) student groups, and the EPD Workshop on Kyrgyzstan with the support of the Harriman Institute and SIPASA present:

The first public tasting in the U.S. of Kyrgyzstan's favorite drink.

The Kyrgyz favorite drink, kymyz, is made from horse milk, which is poured into a special leather bag and then stirred with a special wooden stick that is called a "pishkek".


1. Presentation on health benefits of drinking horse milk 2. Photo Slide Show 3. Traditional Kyrgyz music 4. Exhibit of Kyrgyz carpets and handicraft 5. Costume show 6. Tasting of traditional drinks and dishes


1. KYMYZ - fermented horse milk(delivered directly from Bishkek) 2. BORSOK - fried pastries 3. CHAK-CHAK - sweet desert 4. BATYR-NAN - traditional flat bread 5. IKRA – caviar *Other traditional Kyrgyz dishes such as sheep brain and horse sausage will not be served.

Free Admission. Everyone is welcome.

For further info and questions, please contact Rafis Abazov at or Talant Sultanov at