Kyz Zhibek (The Lady-Silk)

Thursday, November 30, 2006
6:30 pm
Room 1219 International Affairs Building

Kyz Zhibek (1970, Kazakh) is a Shakespearean tragedy on the nomads’ steppe…

The poetic folk legend, Kyz Zhibek, tells about the distant past of the Kazakh nation – the 16th and 17th centuries – when the Kazakh people suffered from bloody feuds. In those times each province of the Kazakh nation had its own Khan and each tried to supersede the other.

The love story of Tolegen, the brave warrior, and the beauty Zhibek ends tragically because of inter-family strife. Tolegen is foully murdered by Bekejan (the batyr, or nobleman, of the rival family), who earlier strived for the hand of Zhibek. Zhibek commits suicide after learning about the death of Tolegen.

Introduction by Rafis Abazov (Columbia University) author of The Culture and Customs of the Central Asian Republics

Presentation by Karlygash Janakulova (visiting scholar from Kazakhstan) 

Delicious Kazakh and Central Asian food will be served!