Legal Globalization and Transitions Forum

Monday, October 20, 2014
4:00pm - 6:00pm
Jerome Greene Annex (410 West 117th Street)
Join the organizers of Harriman Institute's 2014-15 Core Project Learning from Transition: from Local to the Global for an open forum on Legal Globalization and Transitions.
Legal Globalization and Transitions forum will be devoted to exploring the extent to which transition economies have outsourced law to supranational agents (e.g., the EU) or allowed domestic agents to opt into foreign legal systems. These underexplored developments raise fundamental questions about the future of transition economies, the role of the state in regulating legal globalization and broader issues of democratic self-governance.
The forum is the first event of this year’s Core Project, which aims to unpack assumptions about the path of political, social and economic reforms in the region by critically examining the conditions for scalability and portability of institutions. The Core Project is co-directed by Katharina Pistor and David Stark.
Matej Avbelj (Assistant Professor of European Law and Dean Graduate School of Government and European Studies, Kranj, Slovenia)
Anu Bradford (Henry L. Moses Professor of Law and International Organization, Columbia Law School; Director, The European Legal Studies Center)
Alex Cooley (Professor of Political Science at Barnard College and Deputy Director for Social Sciences Programming at the Harriman Institute)
Delphine Nougayrede (Senior Counsel, DLA Piper)
Jason Sharman (Professor and Director, Centre for Governance and Public Policy, Griffith University, Australia and Visiting Professor, Barnard College)
Katharina Pistor (Michael I. Sovern Professor of Law, Columbia Law School)
Elena Krumova (Postdoctoral Fellow, Harriman Institute)
Igor Logvinenko (Postdoctoral Fellow, Harriman Institute)