Macedonia Matters: Conflict, Coexistence and Euro-Atlantic Integration in the Southern Balkans

Friday, October 15, 2010
9:00am -3:00pm
Kellogg Center, Room 1501 School of International and Public Affairs 420 West 118th Street at Amsterdam Avenue, Manhattan

After almost two decades of independence, the Republic of Macedonia has achieved a number of successes. In the turbulent period from 1991-1992, it managed to leave the former Yugoslav federation peacefully. Although dealing with a serious ethnic divide, it has managed to avoid sustained interethnic violence. And while starting from a relatively low socio-economic base, it has made enough progress in its political and economic reform efforts to be named an EU candidate country. Yet Macedonia continues to face a number of problems that need to be dealt with: resolving the “name issue” hampering its Euro-Atlantic integration efforts, improving interethnic relations, and dealing with the problems of institutional weakness and corruption common to all the countries of the region. Macedonia thus presents an important case in which to examine questions such as the relative importance of ethnic identities versus economic interests; the power and potential of preventive diplomacy; and the role of the EU as a catalyst for domestic reform in the Western Balkan states. 


Keith Brown (Watson Institute, Brown University); Ljubomir Frckoski, PhD (Professor of International Public Law and International Relations; former Minister of Interior and former Minister of Foreign Affairs; Presidential candidate of the Social Democratic Union of Macedonia during the previous elections);Lidija Georgievska, PhD (Professor at the Faculty of Philosophy); Robert Hislope (Union College, NY); Denko Maleski, PhD (Professor of International Public Law and International Relations; the first Minister of Foreign Affairs of independent Macedonia; former Permanent Representative to the UN); Roger Petersen (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Boston), Shinasi Rama (New York University);Gordana Siljanovska, PhD (Professor of Constitutional Law and Political Systems; former Minister of Local self-government; Member of the Venice Commission of the CoE); Aristotle Tziampiris (University of Pireaus, Athens).

Full conference program to be announced shortly.

This conference is sponsored by the Harriman Institute & Sts. Cyril and Methodius University, Skopje.

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