Odd Bedfellows: Sierra Leonean Diamonds, Ukrainian Arms

Friday, April 18, 2008 to Saturday, April 19, 2008
International Affairs Building, Room 1501

The Odd Bedfellows: Sierra Leonean Diamonds and Ukrainian Arms conference seeks to explore topics such as the journey of arms, particularly simplified lightweight arms from Eastern Europe, to the hands of child soldiers and rebel warriors in Sierra Leone during the 1990s civil conflict. This conference seeks to understand the lessons learned from NGO workers, scholars, governments and the global community, as they struggled to confront the violence associated with the illicit trade of arms and how students of international relations can explore new approaches to peace and security in conflict zones.

Panelists include:

**Ambassador Bockari Stevens, Ambassador of Sierra Leone to the United States
**Taras Kuzio, University of Toronto, Expert on Illicit Arms in Eastern Europe, Kuchma Era
**Prosecutor Stephen Rapp, Prosecutor for President Charles Taylor Trial

For more information, please contact Keisha Toms via email at oddbedfellows@harrimaninstitute.org, or via telephone at 347-285-1271

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