Post-WWII Polish-Ukrainian Relations: Remembering the 1947 Forced Relocation Campaign "Akcja 'Wisla'"

Thursday, April 26, 2007
6:00 pm
Room 1219 International Affairs Building

The Columbia Ukrainian Studies Program's last event of the academic year will be a panel discussion, co-sponsored by the Polish Studies Program, titled:


Almost exactly sixty years ago -- on April 28, 1947 -- the communist government in Poland began a forced relocation campaign, with the confidential codename "Akcja 'Wisla'" (Operation "Vistula"), which resulted in the removal of approximately 140,000 members of the country's Ukrainian minority from their homes and territory. The participants of this panel will discuss the reasons for and consequences of the forced relocation campaign, as well as how the 1947 event is remembered today.

The panelists will include:

Dr. Tarik Amar (PhD, Princeton University), Shklar Fellow at the Harvard Ukrainian Research Institute:
"Akcja Wisla: Event, Origins, Context."

Dr. Philipp Ther (PhD, Free University in Berlin; Visiting Scholar at Columbia University's Harriman Institute): 
"Trappings of Memory: The Historigraphy of the Polish-Ukrainian Conflict"

Sofiya Dyak (PhD candidate at Polish Academy of Science's Institute of Philosophy and Sociology, and at Lviv University's History Department): 
"Commemorating Deportations in the Cityscapes of Lviv and Wroclaw"

Introduction by Diana Howansky, Fulbright Scholar to Poland from 1998-2000.