Power and Movement Across Eurasia

Saturday, April 10, 2010
707 International Affairs Building

The Organizations for the Advancement of Studies of Inner Eurasian Societies at Columbia University and Yale University are pleased to announce the Third Annual OASIES Student Conference.

With the rise of the empire of Chinggis Khan in the thirteenth century, political power radiated out from the heart of the Eurasian continent in all directions. The Mongols moved so quickly that within a few generations an empire had been created that has been unrivaled in size ever since. Over the following centuries, empires and polities pushed towards the center of the continent from all sides while states based in Central Asia sought to expand outwards. By the end of the nineteenth century, Central Asia and Tibet had become points of convergence for encroaching imperial competition and expansion. Meanwhile, pathways across the continent made possible the expansion of religious communities, long-distance trade, technological exchange, and interactions among all kinds of polities. Eventually states sought to solidify their borders and identify their territory in opposition to the space of others, yet even this has not stopped the flow of everything from pilgrims and soldiers to commodities and rivers which continue to move across this same Eurasian space.

Our conference seeks to bring together scholars who deal with different regions and epochs of Eurasian history and culture. We hope to examine the relationship between power, in all its forms, and movement, within and across the Eurasian steppe and its neighboring regions, from a variety of disciplinary and methodological perspectives. We particularly encourage submissions from graduate students and other scholars who work in Central Asian, Mongolian, Russian, Middle Eastern, Chinese or South Asian fields.

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