EVENT VIDEO. Symposium in Memory of Catharine Nepomnyashchy: Soviet, Post-Soviet, and Emigré Culture

Friday, April 8, 2016
8:30 am - 6:15 pm
702 Hamilton Hall

Please join the Harriman Institute and Columbia's Slavic Department as we celebrate Catharine Nepomnyashchy’s contribution to the study of Soviet, post-Soviet, and emigré culture. Presenting will be her fellow alums from Brown and Columbia, her colleagues throughout the field, and her students from over the years, all of whom became her friends and interlocutors for life. This is to continue the conversation.


8:30-9:00 coffee and welcome

9:00-10:15: Expanding Modes of Soviet Culture. Chair: Lynn Garafola (Barnard)
Edward Tyerman (Columbia), “Confusing The Red Poppy: Flower Symbolism and Internationalist Aesthetics”
Lauren Ninoshvili (Columbia), “Talking Pictures for Polyglots: Soviet Georgian Film in Translation”
David Goldfarb, “The Temporality of Architecture: the Building of Kataev’s Factory”
Holly Myers (Columbia), “Journalists Beyond Journalism: Svetlana Alexievich and Artem Borovik on Afghanistan”
10:15-11:15: Literary Responses to Conflict and Trauma. Chair: Cathy Popkin (Columbia)
Anita Tarnai (Columbia),  “The Effects of War Trauma in Viktor Shklovsky’s Sentimental Journey: Dissociation and Formal Experimentation” 
Ani Kokobobo (Kansas), “Grossman, the ‘Gray Zone,’ and the Ethics of Witnessing”
Rory Finnin (Cambridge), “‘A Bridge Between Us’: Literature in the Ukrainian-Crimean Tatar Encounter”
11:15-11:30: short break
11:30-1:00: Nabokov:  Friends and Enemies. Chair: Valentina Izmirlieva (Columbia)
Brendan Nieubuurt (Columbia),  “Telephones in Mandelshtam and Nabokov”
Robyn Jensen (Columbia), “Inconclusive Evidence: Photography and Self-Fashioning in Nabokov's Speak, Memory”
Gina Kovarsky (Virginia Commonwealth University), "The Stone Was as Warm as Flesh: Mystical Subtexts in Nabokov’s 'Spring in Fialta'"
Carol Ueland (Drew),  “Alexei Zver'ev's Biography of Nabokov”
Emma Lieber (Rutgers), “Nabokov and Freud: A Conversation with Cathy”
1:00-1:45: lunch
1:45-3:00: Representing Remarkable Russian Selves for a New Era.  Chair: Richard Wortman (Columbia)
Milla Trigos (Columbia), "Of Myths and Monuments: The Decembrists in the Soviet and Post-Soviet Landscape" 
Nicole Svobodny (Washington University), “Vaslav Nijinsky’s Feeling, or How an Émigré Dancer Digested the Russian Literary Classics” 
Jonathan Platt (Pittsburgh), “The Black Bard: Lenfilm Biopics about Pushkin for the 1937 Jubilee”
Christopher Harwood (Columbia),  “Sinyavsky’s Good Night”
3:00-4:15: Regenerating Russian Genres. Chair: Irina Reyfman (Columbia)
Rebecca Stanton (Columbia), “The Strugatsky Brothers’ Revolutionary Fairy Tales” 
Ross Ufberg (Columbia), “Vladimir Vysotsky: Literary Visitors in Life Without Sleep” 
Rebecca Pyatkevich (Lewis & Clark), “Lev Loseff’s Poetry: Military Metaphors as Ironic Gestures of Authority”
Arlene Forman (Oberlin), “Of Wolves and Women and Writing: The Creative World of Bella Ulanovskaya”
4:15-4:30: short break
4:30-5:45: Post-Soviet Cultural Critique: Spectacle, Page, and Screen. Chair: Alexander Cooley (Barnard and Harriman Institute) 
Tatiana Smoliarova (University of Toronto), “Theater and Spectacle in Putin’s Russian: Pussy Riot, a Case Study”
Ellen Chances (Princeton) "Life in the 2014 Film 'Leviathan': Andrei Zviagintsev's 'Conversation' with Past and Present Russian Culture."
Emily Johnson (Oklahoma), “Femen’s International Sextremism and Post-Soviet Nostalgia.”
Jamey Gambrell (Austin, Texas), “Sorokin’s Russia”
5:45-6:15: Nancy Condee (Pittsburgh), “Closing Comments”
Anna Frajlich (Columbia), “Senność (Pamięci Cathy Nepomnyashchy) / “Sleep” (In Memory of Cathy Nepomnyashchy
The symposium is open to the public.
The complete schedule can be accessed here.
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