Translating Eastern Europe

Friday, January 31, 2014
Marshall D. Shulman Seminar Room (1219 IAB)

Please join the East Central European Center and Harriman Institute for an afternoon of readings and discussion.  The literature of East Europe, during the Communist era and no less after 1989, refers to realities unfamiliar to North American readers and does so with idiosyncratic language.  Its milieu and language pose a challenge to translate and to publish.

Opening Remarks, Doina Uricariu (poet, editor, critic, Director, Romanian Cultural Institute in New York),

Translating History and Atrocities:  Jáchym Topol’s Devil’s Workshop (Chladnou zemí), Alex Zucker (translator of Topol’s City Sister Silver (Sestra), Petra Hůlová’s All This Belongs to Me (Paměť mojí babičce) , currently translating novels by Arnošt Lustig, Heda Margolius Kovály, and Tomáš Zmeškal),

Translating Romania:  Mircea Cărtărescu’s Blinding (Orbitor), Sean Cotter (translator of novels of Cărtărescu and other Romanian writers, author of the analytic study Literary Translation and the Idea of a Minor Romania),

Moderated by Alan Timberlake (Director, East Central European Center. Columbia, admirer of Hůlová).