Ukraine and NATO - Prospects for Membership

Wednesday, April 11, 2007
12:00 pm
Room 1219 International Affairs Building

Harriman Institute invites you to the first of a series of brown bag lectures by European women with extraordinary public sector careers. Are they the exception or is there a glass ceiling?

Merle Maigre, an Estonian, will open the series by focusing in her first lecture on the integration of Ukraine into NATO. Ms. Maigre is a key player in guiding this integration process as Ukraine seeks to implement necessary reforms in its security, defense and military sector. In her second lecture she will focus on the challenge facing women in a traditionally man’s field: defense. Ms. Maigre, with her two presentations, will also thereby be opening Harriman’s 2007/08 lecture series on Estonia, the Baltic Tiger and European Dynamo.

Merle Maigre, although only 29, is (already) Deputy Head of the NATO Liaison Office Ukraine Kyiv, and responsible for the Euro-Atlantic Integration and Security Sector Reform for Ukraine. Ms. Maigre is a graduate of Middlebury College; Tartu University (Estonia); Johns Hopkins SAIS Bologna Center and King’s College London. She joined the Estonian Ministry of Defense in 2000.

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