Ukraine: An Improbable Democratic ‘Nation State’ but a Possible Democratic ‘State Nation?’

Thursday, February 23, 2006
Room 1219 International Affairs Building

The Ukrainian Studies Program at Columbia University will host a lecture by Alfred Stepan (Wallace Sayre Professor of Government, SIPA), titled, “Ukraine: An Improbable Democratic ‘Nation State’ but a Possible Democratic ‘State Nation?’” Alfred Stepan and Juan J. Linz are the authors of Problems of Democratic Transitions and Democratic Consolidation: Southern Europe, South America and Post-Communist Europe, now translated into around ten languages. Their forthcoming book, called Democracies in Multinational Societies: Beyond the Nation-State Model, discusses the concept of a state-nation mainly via Spanish, Belgian and Indian materials. In his lecture, Prof. Stepan will discuss how Ukraine fits into the nation state/state-nation framework. Professor Stepan was the first Rector of Central European University in Budapest, Prague and Warsaw, and the Gladstone Professor at All Souls College in Oxford. Free and open to the public. Sandwiches and soda will be offered.