Ukrainian Film Club presents "A Dangerously Free Person"

Thursday, January 26, 2006
Room 717, Hamilton Hall, Columbia University

The Ukrainian Film Club of Columbia University will resume its 2005-2006 season by presenting US premier of the critically acclaimed award-winning documentary film “A Dangerously Free Person” (director Roman Shyrman). The event will also screen a short feature film “Once Upon a Time” (director Serhiy Krutin). Roman Shyrman’s documentary “A Dangerously Free Person” (2004, 52 min.) is dedicated to the legendary Sergey Paradzhanov, director of, among others, “Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors” and the most prominent representative of the Ukrainian poetic cinema of the 1960's. Paradzhanov’s work and controversial personality inspired generations of free-thinking filmmakers as well as intellectuals in Ukraine and elsewhere many of whom went to take part in the human rights and national liberation movement that contributed to the eventual collapse of the Soviet empire and the emergence of an independent Ukraine in 1991. Federico Fellini famously called Paradzhanov a “magician of cinema”. True to its goal of showcasing the new cinema talent, the Club’s event will open with the short feature “Once Upon a Time”, 2004, 8 min., directed by Serhiy Krutin. Today, Mr. Krutin is often mentioned as one of the most promising young Ukrainian filmmakers. In his opening remarks, Yuri Shevchuk, the director of the Ukrainian Film Club of Columbia University, will give an introduction about the two filmmakers and speak about the highlights of the cinematographic year 2005 in Ukraine. The film program will be followed by a Q-and-A period and a general discussion. Both films are in the original Ukrainian version with English subtitles. Free admission. (To see the Ukrainian Film Club website, please see Ukrainian Film Club at Columbia University.)