Uzbekistan in a Time of Uncertainty: Domestic and Regional Challenges

Wednesday, February 20, 2013
9:00 am - 1:00 pm
1512 IAB

Co-sponsored by the Harriman Institute and the Central Eurasia Project of the Open Societies Foundation

Two decades after its independence, Uzbekistan is once again the subject of international scrutiny. While some argue that the regime remains stable, others view the the country’s looming future political transition with trepidation. Property rights for international investors appear increasingly insecure and economic regulations are in flux, while authorities continue to clamp down on media outlets, civil society and violate citizens' rights with impunity. Regionally, Uzbekistan has recently exited the Russian-led  Collective Security Treaty Organization and has increased its security cooperation with NATO on Afghanistan and reverse transit. At the same time, tensions with neighboring Central Asian countries over borders, the status of enclaves and water resources are rising. This conference brings together a distinguished group of  academics, commentators and journalists to publicly discuss and debate the trends that will influence the development of Uzbekistan and the broader Central Asian region over the next few years.


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