Voiz (The Orator)

Tuesday, November 15, 2005
Room 1219 IAB

Uzbek Film Festival Opening Reception and Film Screening

(Director Yusup Razikov, 2000)

This event is co-sponsored by Eurasia Initiative and Turkistan-American Association

Yusup Razikov's crystal-clear and mordantly funny political comedy gets right to the heart of the bizarre mismatch between Soviet communist aspirations and human realities. In the early 1920s, a gentle Uzbek man who inherits three adoring young wives from his late brother is unexpectedly called to the stage during a rally, and reveals a gift for oratory. He is catapulted into the absurd and often treacherous world of Soviet politics, and keeps on speechifying to protect himself and his beloved wives. Every new twist in this colorful, theatrically stylized film nudges the hero and the viewer to another level of strangely twisted logic (Review from Seagull Film festival (Films from along the Silk Road)

Delicious traditional Uzbek cuisine will be served!

Everyone Welcome!