Peoples in Motion

Peoples in Motion Core Project

Harriman Institute 2011-12 Core Project

Alan Timberlake, Director

The 2011-12 Harriman Institute Core Project is a discussion on migrations, of various times and for various reasons and among various countries. Alan Timberlake, Professor of Slavic Languages and Director of the Institute on East Central Europe, is the Project Director. Marina Mikhailova, Harriman Institute Postdoctoral Fellow, will investigate labor movement from Lithuanian to England as one case of migration in recent years. Dr. Mikhaylova received her Ph.D. from the University of Chicago, where she defended her dissertation on “Projecting Europe: The Politics of Youth in Contemporary Lithuania.”

On December 1 -2, 2011, the Harriman Institute will co-host with the Kazakh Embassy a conference on the migration from Asia to the Americas. 

On March 2-3, 2012, the Harriman Institute will sponsor, together with the Institute on East Central Europe, the conference “Labor Moves in the Post-Soviet World (Impetus, Experience, Effects, Policy).” The conference will examine the movement of people for economic reasons from former Soviet republics to Russia and movement of people from states of the Soviet sphere (republics and Eastern Bloc countries) westward. Much work has been done on this kind of immigration and a set of basic factors have been identified. We hope that the conference will lead to a more polyvalent approach to the mechanisms of labor migration. In addition, by including westward movement as well as movement towards Russia, we hope to encourage a comparative approach. Finally, we will invite NGO representatives who deal with the problems of migrants on the ground. For this more public discussion we will hold a special panel on the evening of Friday, March 2. 

The project is fortunate to host an event in the fall that comes out of Rebecca Kobrin’s “Voices of the New Russian-Jewish Diaspora,” an autobiography contest, co-sponsored by the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society and the Harriman Institute. Kobrin is Russell and Bettina Knapp Assistant Professor of American Jewish History at Columbia.

The planning committee for this event, and the events of the year, includes: Elise Giuliano (Visiting Assistant Professor, Political Science Department, Barnard College/Harriman Institute) and Marina Mikhaylova (2011-12 Harriman Postdoctoral Fellow) and Alan Timberlake, the Core Project Director.