Anatoly Pinsky (Ph.D., History, 2011) Publishes Edited Volume, После Сталина

Friday, February 16, 2018

Anatoly Pinsky, Associate Professor, Department of History, European University of St. Petersburg, published the edited volume, Posle Stalina: pozdnesovetskaia sub"ektivnost' (1953-1985) [After Stalin: Subjectivity in the Late Soviet Union (1953-1985)] (Saint Petersburg: Izdatel'stvo Evropeiskogo universiteta v Sankt-Peterburge, 2018).

Posle Stalina examines the post-Stalin fate of the Soviet project to create a “New Person.” The volume demonstrates that the project in fact became more important after Stalin, as the Soviet leadership sought mechanisms of control other than terror. This development led to the growth of the state and witnessed the emergence of a fascinating paradox: the post-Stalin subject, while enmeshed in stronger state institutions, became a more creative, autonomous agent. Posle Stalina argues that this new autonomy was a result not simply of the absence of terror, but of a historical conjuncture that privileged the new, the unofficial, and the unfinished, and phenomena such as youth, amateur performance, and the literary fragment.

The volume includes articles by leading scholars from Russia, Europe, and the United States.