New Volume of Studies and Sketches on the Work of Anna Frajlich

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

The proceedings of the 2016 conference held on the work of Polish poet Anna Frajlich (Lecturer in Polish Emerita) have been published in Kraków. The volume, entitled I Am Here / I Inhabit My Own Life. Studies and Sketches about the Work of Anna Frajlich (Tu jestem / zamieszkuję własne życie. Studia i szkice o twórczości Anny Frajilch), the opening lines of a poem by Frajlich, is edited by Wojciiech Ligęza and Jolanta Pasterska. In addition to the three dozen articles by scholars from Poland, Europe and the U.S., the volume also includes selected artworks based on Frajlich's poetry which were on exhibit at the conference. The volume was published with the support of the Jagiellonian University (Kraków) and the University of Rzeszów, the sponsors of the 2016 conference.