Harriman Alumna Ani Kokobobo Compares Alabama's New Abortion Law and Communist Albania's Extreme Abortion Ban (Monkey Cage)

Friday, May 17, 2019

Harriman Alumna Ani Kokobobo (Associate Professor of Slavic Languages, University of Kansas) writes for the Monkey Cage about "How Alabama's new abortion law echoes Communist Albania's extreme abortion ban":

"Hoxha’s government was aggressively pronatalist. His government saw population growth as essential for labor and prosperity, and for defending against the country’s enemies. Without a growing population, who would serve in the army, mine chrome and nickel, or work in agriculture? Not only did Hoxha’s regime forbid abortion; it also forbade the import of birth control in the country. The result was that Albania had the second-highest maternal mortality rate in Europe, as women frequently received unsafe abortions or tried to induce abortions on their own. Since women were unable to prevent conception, up to 50 percent of all pregnancies ended in abortion."