Kimberly Marten Interviewed on PBS Newshour about How the Russians View the Summit

Sunday, July 22, 2018

Kimbely Marten (Professor and Chair, Department of Political Science) was interviewed by Hari Sreenivasan on PBS Newshour Weekend (21 July 2018) about what the Russians think of the Trump-Putin Summit.

From her opening remarks:

Well, it was initially seen as a huge triumph that he was able to be treated equally by the United States president. That’s what Russia has long wanted — to be treated seriously as somebody who was a necessary player in any kind of discussion about international security. And now the reality is sort of starting to sink in and people are realizing that in fact Trump’s performance did not go over well in the United States. And they’re saying, oh, what might that mean? And there is now concern, there are a couple of different bills that are pending in Congress on increasing the sanctions, and people are wondering what kind of sanctions are going to happen next. And so it’s maybe a let down a little bit.