László Krasznahorkai in Residence at Columbia in April

Monday, March 10, 2014

László Krasznahorkai in Residence at Columbia

In April 2014, László Krasznahorkai will be writer in residence at the Harriman Institute and the Slavic Department. The Hungarian author, whose works have been translated into English and many other European languages, has won the America Award in Literature (2014), the Best Translated Book Award (2013) for SATANTANGO, the Brücke-Berlin Prize (2010), and numerous other international awards. Krasznahorkai will teach a seminar on artistic collaboration in East Central Europe, focusing on his own work with the visual artists Béla Tarr (Hungarian film director) and Max Neumann (German painter). In addition, on April 22nd Krasznahorkai will give a public reading from his AnimalInside, a dialogue between Neumann’s images and Krasznahorkai’s text published in 2010.