Laszlo Bruszt Writes on Labor Rights in the Time of Pandemic for Public Seminar

Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Laszlo Bruszt, István Deák Visiting Professor, published the essay "Labor Rights in the Time of Pandemic: Hungary’s Return to the 19th Century in Response to Covid 19" on Public Seminar.

From the essay:
The pandemic affects hundreds of millions of employers and employees all around the world, and, during the crisis, it requires renegotiating their relationships. Governments in many countries are trying to address this by measures aimed at promoting a balanced redistribution of opportunities and resources among these actors. Several governments, including the U.S., have provided new rights to employees, including stricter safety procedures or paid sick leaves. These measures were combined with tax reliefs, cheaper credits or direct transfers to employers aimed at maintaining employment while keeping struggling firms afloat. Hungary is moving in the opposite reactionary antique direction.