Harriman Magazine, Summer 2021

Friday, July 16, 2021

The Summer 2021 issue features a cover story by Svetlana Borodina (Mellon Teaching Fellow at the Harriman Institute) on the changing definition of inklyuziya (inclusion), which until recently referred mainly to the domain of disability inclusion programs in Russia. Two profiles focus on Harriman alumni from the 21st century. Tinatin Japaridze is writing a book that examines Stalin's political legacy, while Sanjay Sethi helped put together the first-ever human rights report about artistic repression in Eastern and Central Europe. Other pieces include an examination of Alexei Navalny's legacy by Yana Gorokhovskaia; "Biden vs. the Kleptocrats" by Tom Mayne and Peter Zalmayev; and Padma Desai's account of her travels in the USSR in 1964. An excerpt from Maria Stepanova's In Memory of Memory rounds out the features. Read the issue. 



Alexander Cooley
Masha Udensiva-Brenner
Yana Gorokhovskaia
Tom Mayne and Peter Zalmayev
Masha Udensiva-Brenner
Masha Udensiva-Brenner
Padma Desai
Maria Stepanova, tranlsated by Sasha Dugdale
Stephen F. Cohen
Jamey Gambrell