HARRIMAN REVIEW (Vol. 16, 4 -- Vol. 17, 1; April 2009)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Emily D. Johnson, "Putin and Emptiness: The Place of Satire in the Contemporary Cult of Personality" 1

Ellen Chances, "An Event Like No Other... The Four Dimensions of Andrei Bitov" 6

Livia Alexandra Paggi, "Pretending Civil Society: Western NGO Scripts and Local Actors in Post-Soviet Tajikistan" 22

Serhii Plokhy, "Remembering Yalta: The Politics of International History" 34

David R. Marples and Uladzimir Padhol, "The 2006 Presidential Election in Belarus:The Candidates, Results and Perspectives" 48

Dodge Billingsley, "Weaponizing the Story: Chechen and Russian Media Operations" 58

Birgit Menzel, "The Occupt Revival in Russia Today and Its Impact on Literature" 64


Front Cover: One of the works of art, painted for Andrei Bitov’s Forum, on the wall of the Vladimir Nabokov Museum in St. Petersburg.

Train with letters of Bitov’s last name on earch carriage.