Robert Legvold's Policy Recommendations for U.S.-Russia Relations on the First Anniversary of Trump's Election

Monday, November 20, 2017

Robert Legvold (Marshall D. Shulman Professor Emeritus)  wrote a piece offering policy recommendations for US-Russia relations on the occasion of the first anniversary of Trump's election: 

"If the most modest measure of success would have been halting the sharp deterioration of relations and taking even minor steps to improve matters, then the Trump administration’s Russia policy is an awkward failure—awkward, because, to take the president and his secretary of state at their word, they believe that turning the relationship around is of vital importance. Yes, steps have been taken that might have yielded—and might yet yield—progress, such as the strategic stability talks underway at the deputy foreign minister level, the agreement on a de-escalation zone in southwestern Syria and observation of the Syrian de-confliction agreement, and the successful implementation of New START. But this limited inventory must be set against a Congress enraged and dead set on punishing Russia with new sanctions, congressional efforts to force the administration to abandon the INF Treaty, the deepening fury over Russia’s meddling in the U.S. election, the long-term damage to each side’s diplomatic missions and the paralysis that prevents the president from even thinking of reaching out to Russia in search of common ground."
You can read the policy recommendations here.