Slavic Department Announces Winner of 2020 Pushkin Prize

Monday, May 18, 2020

Stephen Andrew Bruce (Ph.D. candidate, Slavic) was named the 2020 winner of the Slavic Department's Pushkin Prize for his translation of a poem from Aleksandr Veltman's novel, The Wanderer. Jiashi Yang and Evan James Mortimer received Honorable Mention for their translation of poems by Anna Akhmatova and Aleksandr Blok. Mark Lipovetsky and Ronald Meyer served on the prize jury. You can read the winning translations here.


Stephen Bruce earned a BA in Humanities from Yale in 2009 and a MA in history from the University of Illinois in 2015. Before coming to Columbia, he worked as an English-language teacher in Moscow. His research deals with Russian literature and the cultural history of the Russian Empire. His article “The Pan-European Justification of a Multilingual Russian Society in the Late Eighteenth Century” was published as a chapter in French and Russian in Imperial Russia, edited by Derek Offord et al. (Edinburgh University Press, 2015). He plans to write his dissertation about fantastic travel stories in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries, investigating how these stories reflect the developing notions of national identity in the expanding Russian Empire. He has also completed a translation of Alexander Veltman’s novel The Wanderer, and is currently preparing it for publication.

Evan Mortimer is an undergraduate studying Political Science at Columbia University. He hopes to continue learning more about Russian language and literature.

Jiashi Yang is a sophomore at Columbia College studying Russian Language and Culture as well as Sustainable Development. She has the same birthday as Akhmatova’s, but was born 111 years later.