Sophie Pinkham Reviews Victoria Lomasko's "Other Russias" for the New Yorker

Monday, February 27, 2017
Sophie Pinkham (MARS '12), currently a Ph.D. student in Columbia's Department of Slavic Languages, reviews Victoria Lomasko's "Other Russias" for the New Yorker.
From the review: "In “Other Russias,” a new collection of graphic reportage by Victoria Lomasko, Russians from radically different walks of life come face to face for the first time. A stonemason and Orthodox activist named Sergei, shown with an icon hanging around his neck, announces, “The West wants to destroy the bold and beautiful Russian people.” On the opposite page sits Victor Mizin, a lecturer in political science at the Moscow State Institute of International Relations. With a shot glass and a half-empty carafe of vodka on the table in front of him, Mizin complains, “Russians are shit. But me, I’m seventh-generation intelligentsia.” In real life, Sergei and Victor would never sit down together for a conversation, and yet, in Lomasko’s view, they are voices that need to be heard together in order to be fully understood."
Lomasko, with translator Bela Shayevich, will be at the Harriman Institute Atrium, February 28, 2017, 6:30. The book will be on sale at the event. Or you can order directly from the publisher, n+1.