Tom Kent Publishes Op-Ed about Voice of America on The Hill

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Tom Kent (Adjunct Professor of International and Public Affairs; and former CEO of Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty) contributed the op-ed "Congress Needs To Clarify Mission and Oversight of Voice of America" to The Hill (April 28, 2020),

"President Trump’s attack on the Voice of America, calling its content anti-American, has led to polarized battle lines that are common now on national issues. Trump supporters say the U.S. needs an unabashedly pro-American voice to rally world publics to its side. VOA backers say Trump is trampling on the network’s legally protected editorial independence.
Trump has grossly mischaracterized the value of VOA. It and the four other U.S. government-supported networks have an aggregate audience of 350 million people per week in some 60 languages. Their reliable reporting serves daily to enhance the image and credibility of the United States. Most recently, they have set new audience records by delivering accurate coronavirus information to fight the flood of disinformation worldwide." Read more.