Harriman Institute alumni


  • Sarah Calderone

    SIPA '18

    Political Risk Analyst, Russian and Eurasian Affairs
    Horizon Client Access
  • Erin Carll

    HI '10
    PhD Candidate, Sociology
    University of Washington
  • Oktavia Catsaros

    HI '17

    Account Director, BLJ Worldwide

  • Mariya Chukhnova

    USRF Fellow
    MARS-REERS, Harriman Institute, Columbia University

  • Lindsey Cohen

    MARS-REERS '19

  • Stephen F. Cohen

    RI '69

    Professor of Russian and Slavic Studies, New York University

    "I recall above all, and value even more as the years pass, the wonderfully eclectic collection of senior scholars gathered at the Institute in the 1960s--all of them devoted in their own ways to understanding and teaching about Russia, none of them instilling any orthodoxy in their students, and few of them afflicted by the cold-war passions of the time. I know of no academic institution that could have been a better place to study, then or now." 

  • Cynthia A. Roberts


    HI '92
    Adjunct Associate Professor
    School of International and Public Affairs, Columbia University
    Associate Professor of Political Science
    Hunter College
    City University of New York
    "Columbia set the standard when I went through, partly because the richness of the Soviet area studies program was combined with a broad and rigorous foundation in political science and even more so because of the exceptional quality of the faculty."
  • Stephen S. Rosenfeld

    RI '59
    Deputy Editorial Page Editor (Deceased)

    "My two years at the Russian Institute got me a job at The Washington Post, the Moscow Bureau, a wife (an American I met in Moscow), a career, a life."

  • Karl W.Ryavec


    RI '62
    Professor Emeritus of Political Science
    University of Massachusetts, Amherst
    "While at the Institute I made strong friendships that I still maintain and established contacts that have been very important to me professionally..."

  • Edward W. Walker


    HI '92
    Executive Director
    Berkeley Program in Soviet and Post-Soviet Studies
    University of California at Berkeley
    "The Harriman Institute was critical in enabling me to pursue a career in Soviet and post-Soviet studies.  I am very grateful for both the intellectual stimulation and the financial support provided by the Institute and its excellent faculty and staff during my years as a Ph.D. candidate in political science at Columbia."
  • Diego Benning Wang

    MARS-REERS '16

    PhD Candidate, History
    Princeton University
  • Angela Wheeler

    HI Certificate '16

    PhD Candidate, Architecture
    Harvard University

  • Donald S.Zagoria


    RI '49
    Professor of Government
    Hunter College
    City University of New York
    "The Russian Institute was one of my most important intellectual homes throughout my scholarly career."