Harriman Institute alumni


  • Sarah Aasbo

    HI '13
    Program Officer, FSVC
  • Madeleine Albright

    RI '68

    Principle, The Albright Group LLC; Mortara Distinguished Professor of Diplomacy, Georgetown University

    U.S. Secretary of State, 1997-2000

    "In the '60s, the Russian Institute provided those of us enrolled in the University's Public Law and Government Department a home base: intellectual sustenance, camaraderie, and a sense of purpose. Although, happily, most of what we learned is now archeology, the discipline and love of the subject continue."

  • Megan Ausen

    HI '11
    Analyst, Eurasia Council

  • Erin Carll

    HI '10
    Program Coordinator, PILnet New York
  • Stephen F. Cohen

    RI '69

    Professor of Russian and Slavic Studies, New York University

    "I recall above all, and value even more as the years pass, the wonderfully eclectic collection of senior scholars gathered at the Institute in the 1960s--all of them devoted in their own ways to understanding and teaching about Russia, none of them instilling any orthodoxy in their students, and few of them afflicted by the cold-war passions of the time. I know of no academic institution that could have been a better place to study, then or now." 

  • Dana L. Geraghty

    HI '13
    Program Coordinator, Eurasia Program
    Open Society Foundations
  • Vanina Gergorin

    HI '14 
  • Apryl Gibson

    HI '12
    Team Leader, Outreach 360
  • Franklin E. Gill

    RI '59

    Former Research Professor of Law
    The University of New Mexico School of Law
    "The experience of working closely with scholars such as John Hazard, Philip Mosely and Henry Roberts was indeed a highlight of my life and provided, I believe, a solid basis for my work in various aspects of international law and relations in later years."
  • Elliot R. Goodman


    RI '51
    "As a graduate of one of the Russian Institute's earlier classes, I felt part of a groundbreaking experience, and this served as the foundation for my subsequent academic career.  I was also fortunate enough that my mentor was Philip Mosely, scholar and superb human being."
  • Loren R. Graham

    RI '60

    Professor of the History of Science MIT

    "The Harriman Institute/Russian Institute at Columbia was the formative institution in my intellectual life. Coming there as a beginning graduate student in 1958, I stayed on until I received my Ph.D. in 1963, and three years later joined the history and Russian Institute faculties at Columbia, where I stayed until 1978." 

  • Karina Grinstein

    HI '11
    Program Assistant, Open Society Foundations
  • Eugenia Gusilov

    HI '10
    Managing Director, Romanian Energy Center

  • Dan N. Jacobs


    RI '53
    Professor of Political Science Emeritus
    Miami University, Oxford, Ohio
    "The Institute performed a great national service in being for decades the premier facility training specialists to cope with the area of major threat to national security.  And while the nature of that threat has been redirected, the area--by nature of its history, huge economic potential, variety and instability--retains its centrality."
  • Elizabeth Johnsen (Celms)

    HI '12
    Outreach and Events Associate
    The Opportunity Agenda


  • Ross Johnston


    HI '09
    Foreign Service Officer
    US Department of State

  • Riina Kionka


    HI '87
    General Director of Political Department
    Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs
    "For me, the crumbling of the Soviet Union finally forced the Institute to become what it should have been all along, not an institution devoted solely to Russian studies, but one that keeps a finger on the pulse of the plethora of other nations and movements in the area known as the Former Soviet Union."
  • William Korey


    RI '48
    Professor Emeritus of History and former Director of International Policy Research
    B'nai B'rith 
    "The Institute has been invaluable in providing me with both a broad background and highly specialized skills for the several careers I pursued as teacher, researcher and writer."
  • Jamie Kosmar


    HI ‘05
    Muskie Program Manager, IREX Moscow
  • Abigail Kret

    HI '12
    PhD Candidate, History
    Princeton University
  • Shuntu Kuang

    HI '13
    PhD candidate, History Dept, University of Toronto

  • Cynthia A. Roberts


    HI '92
    Adjunct Associate Professor
    School of International and Public Affairs, Columbia University
    Associate Professor of Political Science
    Hunter College
    City University of New York
    "Columbia set the standard when I went through, partly because the richness of the Soviet area studies program was combined with a broad and rigorous foundation in political science and even more so because of the exceptional quality of the faculty."
  • Stephen S. Rosenfeld

    RI '59
    Deputy Editorial Page Editor (Deceased)

    "My two years at the Russian Institute got me a job at The Washington Post, the Moscow Bureau, a wife (an American I met in Moscow), a career, a life."

  • Karl W.Ryavec


    RI '62
    Professor Emeritus of Political Science
    University of Massachusetts, Amherst
    "While at the Institute I made strong friendships that I still maintain and established contacts that have been very important to me professionally..."

  • Shahrbanou Tadjbakhsh


    HI '94
    United Nations Development Program Consultant on Gender in Central Asia and the Caucasus
    "I feel fortunate to have been at the Institute at what was probably the most exciting time ever in our field.  It was great to have the daily TV to keep us constantly updated on the tumultuous events taking place.  We were also very lucky to have the chance to work with the many visiting scholars in residence from our area of study and to receive Institute fellowship support to travel there ourselves."
  • William Taubman


    RI ‘65
    Bertrand Snell Professor of Political Science, Amherst College
  • Jessica Teicher

    Contracts Technician

  • Laura Trimajova

    Hi '13
    Assistant/Advisor to Eduard Kukan, Member of the European Parliament

  • Donald S.Zagoria


    RI '49
    Professor of Government
    Hunter College
    City University of New York
    "The Russian Institute was one of my most important intellectual homes throughout my scholarly career."